Why We Built a People-First Software Company in Denver




Traditionally, software development is one of the worst professions for work-life balance. We created a company to change that.

Deciding to build a business was a gradual process. Allan Wintersieck (Co-founder) and I worked together previously and realized we had complementary skill sets. Allan brought the technical talent and I had business development and marketing experience. Combined, we were prepared with a strategic vision for launching a software company.

Allan and I founded Devetry to create an organization rooted in our values: people, integrity, courage and grit. We are a people-first organization with a mission of simplifying the complex world of software.

Our People-First Philosophy

Since founding the company in 2015, Allan and I have thoughtfully built the Devetry team to support long-term growth. Our team is comprised of more than just software engineers; we are problem-solvers. As a multidisciplinary (e.g. software, UI/ UX design, sales and marketing) team, we excel at developing innovative and effective technical solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients.

We establish trust—both internally and externally—by creating an environment centered around respect and appreciation, and delivering quality software, of course. At Devetry, we develop a shared vision and mutual respect with every customer we work with. Our long-term growth depends on having the right employees, clients, projects and partners.

How We Fit Into the Denver Landscape

According to the 2018 Colorado Business Economic Outlook, “In 2017, technology companies accounted for 196,651 jobs in Colorado. . .ranking Colorado 14th in overall tech employment in the United States.” Denver is a great place for custom software development because we can collaborate with local and national clients, hire local talent and immerse ourselves in the community.

Local and national clients.

The business landscape in Denver lets us work with local clients, but it also makes it easy to connect with clients across the country. Our central location makes flying easy and as we like to say, it gives our clients a good excuse to visit Denver.

Hire local talent.

We intentionally hire developers with different skill levels and skill sets to build a team that is well-versed in various technical stacks. Denver is a tech hotbed in terms of talent, without San Francisco’s cost of living. This means we can find incredible talent and still offer reasonable rates to our clients.

Community involvement.

Through a partnership with Emily Griffith Technical College, we teach Coding 101: Programming Fundamentals. As a continuing education course, students learn foundational coding concepts with a focus on problem-solving. We created this free class to provide coding education to students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds. We strive to make software development accessible to all who are eager to learn.

Moral of the Story

We founded a people-first software company in Denver because it’s a great place to grow a business. We have intentionally built a talented, sustainable team of innovative problem solvers who create everything from mobile apps to enterprise technologies. At Devetry, people are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate, determined and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome for our employees, community and clients.

Author: Brett, Co-Founder & CEO

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