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Many companies find that giving back to their communities goes beyond the feeling of “doing something good.” According to Forbes Magazine, it gives companies a sense of purpose, helps maintain an authentic brand story, and drives employee engagement.

These are some of the reasons Devetry partnered with Emily Griffith Technical College to develop and teach a free Coding 101 course. We recognized the growing demand for software developers in Denver and saw an opportunity to leverage our skilled team of engineers to help educate individuals who were interested in learning how to code, but didn’t have the means to pay for a traditional degree.

Through our mission driven work, Devetry has had the opportunity meet and train students from a wide-range of backgrounds, like Kevin Cabrera and his father David Ordoñez. This father and son duo share a love of learning, a passion for computers, and the determination to make a life for themselves (and each other) in the United States.

After relocating from El Salvador to Summit County two years ago, the Ordoñez family recently made another move to Denver for Kevin to begin his studies at Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC). Kevin, an honor student at Summit High School, wasn’t eligible for in-state tuition which made a traditional 4-year college experience too costly. Kevin’s parents were determined to find a way for him to continue his education, exposing him to new opportunities, opportunities that didn’t exist in El Salvador.

David was introduced to EGTC, home to Colorado’s largest and most diverse English Language Acquisition (ELA) school serving more than 2,000 immigrants and refugees annually. David researched courses and suggested that Kevin apply for the Computer Networking Program. This program tapped into their shared interest of building computers, a hobby they began years ago, and would provide Kevin with a variety of employment opportunities post-graduation.

Through Kevin’s involvement at EGTC, he learned about the free 8-week pilot course focused on computer programming fundamentals, giving students the conceptual framework for eventually becoming a software developer. Kevin signed up for the class and encouraged his father David to enroll as well — “For 2 years I’ve seen my father working construction. If he had liked it, great but, he wasn’t happy. I wanted to see him do something he had heart for. He learned some coding in El Salvador, so continuing to pursue this path would give him more opportunities for our family.”

Together, Devetry and EGTC are making software development accessible to Kevin, David, and all who are eager to learn and chart their own course for success. The long-term goal for the Coding program is to not only educate students but use Devetry’s network in the Denver tech community to assist graduates in finding internships and ultimately full-time employment.

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Author: Kathryn, Marketing Director

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