We help you find the right technology solution. Then we help you build it.


Today, every organization is a technology organization. Through data, applications, machine learning, and other custom software solutions, you have the ability to connect with customers, create new products, reduce operational expenses, and improve team collaboration (to name a few).

There are a lot of options out there, and we can help you navigate and choose the technology to best achieve your goals. Then we can help you build it.

The development team at Devetry builds custom software with an agile approach. Whatever advanced features and functionalities you need are easily created with our team of software developers and business consultants.


Custom Software Development

We started as a custom software development company in Denver, and while we’ve expanded to other technology and services, it’s still our bread and butter.

We love hearing about your ideas, problems, and roadblocks and finding solutions that address your current and future needs. Our experience building software products across countless industries allows us to provide innovative solutions and maximize ROI. Whether you need a minimum viable product or a full rewrite of your legacy software application, we’d be delighted to find a solution that works within your budget, time constraints, and business standards.

Web & Mobile App Development

The average business has hundreds of applications with new apps being developed and deployed each month. Whether you need an internal application to boost productivity or an application to control a single device, we can help. Our team of software developers creates native, hybrid, and web apps using a variety of platforms and frameworks.


AI and Machine Learning

Take control of your data with custom machine learning systems and the latest in artificial intelligence.

Our experience in building algorithms helps us create custom solutions for advanced technology systems. Whether you need to analyze data or steer an autonomous car, our team’s experience in AI and machine learning can help your business get ahead.

Salesforce Development

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management system. While its robust features are often adequate, you may need a custom Salesforce application to analyze data or automate processes. The team at Devetry has years of experience building and managing Salesforce apps and we can help you identify opportunities and build helpful tools within the constraints of Salesforce.

IoT & Embedded Development

The internet of things is an ever-growing, changing ecosystem with billions of connected devices across the world. The devices connected to this ecosystem require elevated elements of security and reliability. Our development team can help you embed software across your devices to enhance your product and collect data. Embedded development, prototyping, and testing with continuous integration are all methods the Devetry team utilizes in IoT development.

System Integration

We can analyze your in-use systems and how they serve various business functions in your organization. Then, working with stakeholders, we identify opportunities to create efficiencies, determine custom and third-party solutions, configure systems for ease of use, and train end-users.

We create and integrate APIs to ensure that your platforms send data in an efficient, secure manner. Some of the common platforms we perform integrations with include CRMS (ex. Salesforce, Zoho), finance systems (ex. QuickBooks, Xero), cloud and application platforms (ex. AWS), marketing systems (ex. HubSpot CRM), ERP systems (ex. NetSuite), payment systems (ex. Stripe), and insurance clearinghouses (ex. CHC).

Data Analytics and Visualization

Data is only as good as the visualization and analysis that comes from that data. If you’re an organization who uses data to fuel your strategy, you need to be able to decipher, share, and annotate data or anomalies. The team at Devetry can build real-time and historic charts, graphs, and comprehensive dashboards for your internal and external software products.


We don’t choose favorites

We believe that solving business problems comes first and tech stacks come second. That’s why our team works in a variety of languages, frameworks, databases, and tools–so we can work with your technology immediately and deliver value from day one.




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