Software Strategy

Crafted using business experience, technology expertise, and an ear to the ground.


Whether you’re rapidly growing your technology business or considering new digital offerings, the Devetry team can help you strategize for success.

We’re a diverse team of problem solvers and who thrive on creating out-of-the-box solutions for businesses and product teams. Our team is stacked with developers, business analysts, designers, product managers, strategists, and technology leaders with decades of experience.

Through this experience, teamwork, and grit, we bring an effective strategy and go-forward plan to every partnership. Because when you succeed, we succeed.


Whatever stage of growth you’re in, we can help you strategize!

Early State

Getting your digital product to market while minimizing costs and maximizing value is what we do. Our product expertise and deep technical aptitude provide you an accelerated path to define your product roadmap and implement a phased, test-driven plan for your market.

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Technology leadership & culture

  • Organizational strategy

  • Technical team structure


As a rapidly growing and evolving business, you need to scale, accelerate, and strategize around your organization’s maturity. Our experience across multiple industries and technology challenges makes us the perfect partner to help you sort if out—and make way for non-stop growth.

  • Technology roadmaps & architecture design

  • Platform scalability & extensibility

  • Code reviews

  • M&A technical due diligence

  • CTO leadership


Devetry works with Fortune 500s and government agencies to fully leverage technology and transform offerings into digital solutions. Whether you need help with a specific software solution or an organizational overhaul, we’d love to help you navigate.

  • Digital transformation

  • DevOps & infrastructure cost management

  • Technical team structure (topology)

  • Process design

  • Platform & organizational KPIs

  • Emerging technologies analysis



Need a CTO’s perspective without a full-time CTO resource? Devetry offers CTO-as-a-service to help your organization strategize technology, optimize internal processes, and build a team that aligns with your software goals. Meet our CTO, Allan Wintersieck, and see how your organization can succeed in software.

Transform your business

Digital transformation transforms your business from an OEM, CPG, or other retail business into a technology-first organization. In order to achieve proper digital transformation, we can help you strategize around these four areas.

Team and culture

Leverage communication, collaboration, and accountability


Use data to fuel business strategy and measure success

Digital products

Build custom dashboards, platforms, and cloud-based systems

Innovation mindset

Transform your thinking to innovate and provide real, lasting value to your customers


Your holistic partner for strategy and execution

Devetry combines a software consultancy with design and software development services. By consolidating work and improving the end-to-end development process, we provide a simple, easy partnership under one roof.

Let’s build a strategy

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