Why You Need Women On Your Software Team




It’s true that women are severely underrepresented in the software and tech industries.

In fact, only 11% of software engineering jobs currently belong to women.

While unfortunate, this statistic shouldn’t be surprising. Closing the tech gender gap is slow-going, for a number of reasons.

Meaningful change in the gender gap will require consistent, purposeful, and powerful cultural shifts over the next few decades. And while today’s leaders are taking the initiative to combat some of these obstacles, it’s an uphill battle.

That is why for National Women’s Month, we’re continuing the fight and celebrating how women are kicking ass in the workplace.

If you have women on your team, you already know the points below to be true. And if you don’t, read on. Here are some of the top reasons to recruit women to your software team.

Women Can Multitask

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To be fair, multitasking is not the best way to accomplish–anything really. However, sometimes multitasking is a must.

For those dire times, grab a female expert. We can handle it.

Women Cheer Each Other On

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Women genuinely enjoy supporting their peers, especially when we share a common project or challenge. Try putting two women on your next software project and witness a healthy workplace relationship!

Women Are Patient

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Women’s patience has been tested throughout academia and work. By now, we’ve mastered this art.

Women Are Smart

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‘Nuf said.

Women Come Prepared

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We might not all be Leslie Knope status when it comes to notetaking and binders. However, when there’s an important meeting or event, we do our research, prepare our thoughts, and show up.

Women Don’t Take Shortcuts

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Maybe it’s women’s self-worth or high standards, but we like to do things right the first time, even if that means taking a bit longer than others.

Women Care About Their Teams

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Women care so much about their team members, they will spend their entire Tuesday evening baking and frosting a cake for your birthday.

(It’s not that we like cake or anything🤥)

Women Enjoy Surpassing Expectations

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Women love to exceed expectations, whether it’s engineering skills, communication, deadlines, or creativity. Bring on your challenges, we accept!

Final Thoughts

Of course, these are just some of the reasons you should hire women for your software or technical team (there are many others).

So recruit outside of your bubble, offer learning opportunities, support female-led organizations, and take initiatives to be inclusive. After all, a balanced and diverse software team will create better products for every user.