The Benefits of an Agile Software Development Partner




Before you choose a software development partner, it’s important to understand the company’s development approach and how it will impact you.

Agile software development is an iterative methodology that prioritizes interpersonal communication, working software, collaboration, and adaptability. When implemented correctly, Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban help development teams build exactly what their clients want: working software with user-driven features.

Here are three more benefits of agile software development partners.

Receive High-Quality Software with Valuable Features

Agile development projects are divided into Sprints, defined time periods when specific work is completed. This clear division of work lets software engineers focus on high-quality product development and testing. As a client involved in Agile software development, you are engaged before, during and after each Sprint.

By reviewing features throughout each sprint, the team can solicit and implement your feedback early. At Devetry, we use Agile methodologies to deliver valuable solutions on time.

Experience a High Degree of Collaboration & Project Control

Since Agile development prioritizes customer collaboration over negotiating the scope of work, Agile teams truly want to understand what you’re looking for. To foster ongoing collaboration, each two-week Sprint begins with a planning meeting where the team and client develop a shared vision for the work.

For instance, when we onboard a new client at Devetry, our client doesn’t just hand us feature requirements; we collaborate to create a prioritized feature list. Then throughout the project, our team prioritizes new features based on stakeholder wants and needs.

Increase ROI & Decrease Risk

In traditional software development, teams spend a lot of time preparing specifications before they ever develop a prototype. That’s not the case with Agile development. With fixed-schedule Sprints, the development team delivers working software on an incremental basis—letting you see new features as they are developed. This transparency and early product validation decrease risk.

When Agile Isn’t The Ideal Solution For Everyone

While there are many benefits to Agile software development, it’s not the best approach for every team. For instance, if your product has set features and set functionality, a traditional Waterfall approach may meet your needs. Likewise, if you want to plan the entire project upfront, a traditional method may be more appropriate for you.

For other teams, an Agile approach is better. The flexible nature of Agile software development makes it an ideal methodology for systems with quick deadlines and a high degree of customization. As a client, you can benefit from a collaborative process that maximizes ROI, minimizes risk, and produces a high-quality system with user-driven features.

Author: Kathryn, Marketing Director

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