Software & Business Trends to Leverage This Year [Infographic]




About a month ago, we released a 30-page software playbook that covered the 2020 events and trends that will most affect tech companies in 2021.

The events that threw us for a loop including things like:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns
  • Black Lives Matter movement
  • Prolonged remote work for office workers
  • Political division and tension
  • The arrival of Generation Z as consumers and employees
  • Record-setting wildfires and climate change
  • An insatiable demand for innovation

As these events and movements occurred throughout 2020, they changed people’s lives. Their buying habits. Their technology habits. Beyond annual tech advancements, 2021 will be very different from the years before.

In this infographic, we’ve simplified the things that will affect tech companies so you can understand the defining trends that you need to leverage. We’ve broken these trends down into four categories:

  1. Buyer trends – How have people’s buying habits changed?
  2. Competitive trends – How is the competitive landscape dealing with these changes?
  3. Technology trends – What tech advancements will make the greatest impact in 2021?
  4. Organizational trends – How can teams and managers create a better workplace and workforce?

Check out the summarized trends below!

Infographic – 2021 Trends Overview