Devetry is Joining DEPT®, Europe’s Leading Digital Agency




Our six-year journey of startup, growth, and success has led us to some very exciting news.

We are joining DEPT®, the leading digital agency in Europe. We will be joining a team of over 1,500 marketers, designers, strategists, and product experts to accelerate our client’s digital business.  This is DEPT®’s third acquisition in the United States. Devetry joins Boston-based Rocket Insights and San Diego’s BASIC® to form DEPT® USA’s backbone.

*cue fireworks and champagne*

Why This Acquisition is Great News

It’s beneficial for our clients. Overnight, our clients have access to 10X the resources across the digital spectrum. This includes custom software development, but also things like branding, UX/UI, and digital strategy. This will help our clients reach further across the globe, scale quicker, and accelerate their digital transformation. It’s an exciting time to be a Devetry partner!

It’s beneficial for our team. Devetry and DEPT®’s culture align and complement one another. We both believe in a workplace based on learning and mutual respect. With this acquisition, the Devetry team members will have access to team members across the world–encouraging growth professionally and personally.

Brett, co-founder and CEO of Devetry states,

“We are ecstatic about joining DEPT® for many reasons, with the two most notable being: first, we can immediately expand our service offerings and provide more value to our clients. Second, and most importantly, it’s a near-perfect cultural fit for our team. We’re excited about the years ahead with DEPT®.”

Get in touch with our team to learn more about this exciting news and how we can help you accelerate your digital products and technology.

About Devetry

At Devetry, we are experts in everything software. We help companies leverage technology and realize their true potential through custom builds. Our specialties include application development, IoT and embedded development, APIs and systems integration, and AI and machine learning.

About DEPT®

Hi, we are DEPT® – a digital agency for creativity, technology, and data. We help our clients build and accelerate their digital business by creating leading digital products, services, and campaigns. Our team of over 1,500 experienced thinkers & makers spans 13 countries across Europe and the Americas.