5 Places to Remotely Work Before Heading Back to the Office




Some of the coziest places to work remotely.

The pandemic is over (sort of)!

Restaurants are opening back up, bars are about to be poppin, and theaters are showing new releases. Hallelujah!

If your company is demanding you to return to the office–or else, we’re sorry. But you can celebrate your final months with all the best places to work remotely. Make sure to take advantage of each of these relaxing, inspiring locations before you go back!

The Couch

couch gif

Tomorrow morning, wake up, make coffee, and head straight to your couch. Maybe sit. Maybe lay down. Maybe stick a pillow under your computer to distribute the heat. Either way, it’s one of the comfiest places to actually get work done. And there are no comfy couches in your office.

The End of Bed

Kim k in bed gif

Better yet, wake up and roll.

Reach for your laptop, haggardly drag it into bed, and flip it open. Work. Close your eyes (but just for a second) and reminisce about your college days.

Your Front Patio

gatden gif

Get some bee-friendly plants. Slather on sunscreen. Squint at your computer.

Your outdoor space is the perfect spot to work but feel like you’re not.

Your Recliner

friends recliner gif

Like a couch, but better. Put your feet up, get a laptop table, and trap yourself into your chair til you have to pee.

A Bubble-Filled Tub

bubble bath gif

Big risk, big reward.

Candles and bath bombs encouraged.